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Includes 1 month Plegium Premium subscription
Smart Mini Pepper Spray 3-in-1

The Plegium Smart Pepper Spray 3-in-1 is a superior, maximum strength pepper spray that sends free automatic location texts and phone calls to your emergency contacts.

Includes 1 month Plegium Premium subscription with 24/7 professional monitoring service, in-app panic button, live GPS tracking and more.

Carefully designed, tested and made in Sweden.

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Notifies your contacts with the following text message: “Help! It’s [your name]. I just activated my Plegium device. I’m here: [Google Maps link].”
Your contacts will be alerted with a phone call saying: “[Your name] is in danger and has activated their Plegium device. We have sent a text message to you, with a map showing where it happened.”
All pepper sprays from Plegium are maximum strength (1.33% major capsaicinoids), have more than a 10 foot range (up to 20 quick bursts) and contain red UV dye to mark the assailant.


So good. It notifies and calls your emergency contacts quick. Location is on point and it’s easy to use and set up. I’ve recommended to all family and friends.


The keychain attachment is excellent. The pepper spray can be removed by separating the magnets. The magnets are neodymium and they are super strong. This is the best quick ...


I just received my Plegium pepper spray and fell in love with it! You can add multiple contacts that the app notifies when sprayed, fits great in my hand, and has a strong clip. It comes ...

Amazon rating score: 4,5 of 5 based on 320 ratings.
Pepper Spray

We use a new patented, sustainable and lab based process for manufacturing a pepper spray liquid superior to other brands. Depending on the model, the spray will last for 10-15 seconds of continuous spraying.

All our pepper spray has an added highly concentrated red dye and a UV dye, to mark the assailant.

Location Text Messages and Phone Calls

In case you have to fire your pepper spray, you most likely want to get help – fast. That’s why we decided to make our pepper sprays ”connected”, and call for help remotely. 

When you activate your spray, your emergency contacts will receive a phone call and a text message with your GPS location so that they can call the police and come help you.

Your pepper spray and your phone will pair automatically through Bluetooth via the Plegium app. The Plegium app is free and we bear the costs for all text messages and phone calls.

Magnetic Quick-Release Keychain

We have developed a unique magnetic quick-release keychain, which enables detaching the spray with one hand. 

Hang your Plegium pepper spray on your keychain or in a compartment on the inside of your handbag, so you know where you have it. If you need to use it, just pull it off - the keychain splits, so that you can quickly get the spray out and fire it.

Professional Monitoring

As an extra layer of protection, professional monitoring is available with a paid subscription through the Plegium app.

When you trigger your Plegium device, the smartphone app immediately connects to a monitoring service and notifies your emergency contacts. The monitoring service is one of the most widely used of its kind, and protects more than two million people each day. They will notify first responders about your situation and location so that you can get the assistance that you need.

Get a New One for Free!

All Plegium pepper sprays are in effect one-time use. If you’ve had to use a pepper spray, it’s important that you get a new one to make sure you have enough liquid and stopping power left if you would be so unlucky as to have to use pepper spray again. 

But here’s the good part. Plegium has a unique guarantee: If you have to use your device and it resulted into a police report, please submit a copy of the report and we will send you a new product for free.


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