Your safety is our top priority

In the best of all worlds, our products wouldn’t be needed. Until then, our mission is to keep developing the world’s best personal safety products and services.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe.

The next generation of personal safety

Personal alarms and defense sprays have hardly evolved since they were invented in the 1970s.

Plegium® was founded in 2016 to transform the personal safety industry with a series of products that leverage modern technology to improve the chances of escaping an assault.

All Plegium® products are carefully developed, manufactured and tested in our own factory in Surahammar, Sweden.

Today, our products are sold in more than 20 countries all over the world and trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers.


Superior products needs superior manufacturing. To ensure you that every single Plegium product is perfected, all of our products are manufactured and carefully tested in-house in our production facility in Surahammar, Sweden.

Product Development

In order to effectively combine all the functions contained in a smart personal safety device, our product development which includes everything from CAD prototyping to electronic circuit board design, is completely done in-house.

Everyone has the right to feel safe

Get smart