Pepper sprays

Stay protected with our unique pepper spray formula

Maximum strength pepper spray
Strobe LED

Combo Pepper Spray

Maximum strength, red UV marking dye, siren, and strobe light – all on one keychain for ultimate defense.

Maximum strength pepper spray

Standard Pepper Spray

Unleash maximum strength pepper spray with red UV dye, precise stream spray, and quick-release keychain.



What is the spray pattern of my Plegium pepper spray?

The Plegium pepper spray features a "stream" spray pattern, which has a good balance between range (reaching up to 15 feet) and accuracy (compared to a cone spray pattern), with low risk of blow-back compared to a gel spray pattern.

You can read more about our pepper spray and it's spray pattern in our pepper spray guide.

Can I reuse my Plegium pepper spray after using it?

Each spray contains 13 ml of pepper spray liquid, which allows for up to 20-30 quick bursts or around 10 seconds of continuous spraying. However, for safety reasons, we recommend replacing your spray after use to ensure that you have a full spray available in case of an emergency.

Note that each Plegium pepper spray comes with a unique guarantee: if you use your Plegium spray in an assault situation and provide us with a copy of the police report, we will send you a new device for free.

How long do Plegium pepper sprays last?
The shelf life of all Plegium pepper sprays is 4 years. The expiration date of each spray can be found under its flip top safety lid.

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