How can we improve safety
in your work environment?

Our smart wearable panic buttons and pepper sprays, paired with an easy-to-use app, ensure instant defense and alarm activation - featuring live GPS tracking and real-time audio recording, ultimately enhancing workplace security.

  • Equip your employees with Plegium Smart Safety devices

  • Track the user’s exact position via live tracking immediately upon activation

  • Listen live to audio recordings from the incident as soon as it happens.

  • Services appreciated by over 60,000 users worldwide

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"We love the security of having our Plegium devices, and the ability to see the alarm history. Love Plegium customer service as well and ease of contact!"

Emilia Pedroza, Welcome Health

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  • of Americans are afraid to walk alone at night near home (highest in 3 decades)

  • of Americans have feared for their safety within a mile of their home.

  • of Americans say fear of crime has prevented them from walking or running alone.

  • of Americans describe the crime problem in the U.S. as extremely or very serious.

How it works

For you as an employer

  • Distribute one spray per employee.
  • Manage devices and users easily directly in the app or via the website.
  • Set up common and individual emergency contacts and alarm instructions.
  • Devices are linked to each employee’s mobile phone and can be easily updated or replaced at any time during the period.

For you as an employee

  • Download the Plegium app, select “activate subscription” and log in with your mobile number
  • Pair your device and phone via Bluetooth inside the Plegium app
  • Add any personal emergency contacts
  • Alert emergency contacts and the emergency call centre with a single touch on your device or in the app
  • Help arrives via police and/or security guards or other emergency services

Add-ons for more protection


24 / 7 SOS Monitoring

Enhance your protection with our professional monitoring service. A call center receives your alerts and assesses whether it should be escalated to authorities.

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Build your own security team

Get access to the Plegium B2B portal where you can effortlessly build your own security team, set unique alarm instructions, and monitor alarms live in the panel.

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Silent panic button

Add wearable panic buttons for a passive 'silent' alternative way to trigger alarms. The emergency buttons easily connects to the same app and account.

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The most advanced pepper spray on the market

Enhance employee safety with the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray. This innovative solution seamlessly combines potent pepper spray with immediate location-based emergency alerts through text messages and phone calls. Additionally, it features a powerful siren and strobe light for heightened protection. The pepper spray is equipped with red marking dye and UV dye for identification. With a durable, no-charging-required battery, your team can discreetly call for help and defend themselves with assurance.

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