Alyssa's Law compliance package

Meet Alyssa's Law effortlessly with our wireless panic button system. Activate remotely, alert emergency responders, and notify the entire school instantly.

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  • Critical safety needs

    In the face of danger within school premises, seamless communication becomes paramount to safeguarding children and personnel from potential harm. Every second counts in mitigating risks and ensuring swift response to emergencies.

  • Rapid Alert Solution

    The Plegium School Safety solution provides school staff with a quick and easy method to alert 911, local field responders, and colleagues in emergencies. This ensures prompt assistance and empowers quick action when needed most.

Exceed Alyssa's Law compliance with the Plegium School Safety Solution

  • Remote panic buttons for easy & discreet activation anywhere on campus

  • Instant emergency alerts with live map tracking for 911, field responders & staff

  • Live audio streams for effective incident assessment as the situation unfolds

  • Rapid deployment with no installation or infrastructure changes needed.

  • Constant surveillance with 24/7 monitoring for staff safety anywhere, anytime

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Why choose Plegium for your school safety?

Ensure instant safety alerts for every school staff member

Our system goes beyond traditional alert systems by ensuring that not only field responders and 911, but also every staff member in close proximity to the danger zone, is alerted immediately – allowing for swift action and ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity, including colleagues and children.

Get immediate incident understanding with real-time audio insight

Our solution offers real-time audio insight, initiating automatic live audio streaming upon alarm activation. This feature provides crucial information to staff, 911, and field responders for rapid assessment and situational awareness, enhancing safety protocols and response efficiency.

Protect your staff on and off campus

Our solution provides round-the-clock monitoring for staff safety, whether on or off campus. Tracking features activate instantly upon alarm trigger, ensuring staff privacy while providing uninterrupted protection.

Why spend more on hardware when it's already in everyone's pocket?

Our solution revolutionizes school safety by leveraging the technology already in every staff member's pocket—their cellphone. With our wireless panic buttons, each user connects their device to their cellphone, allowing for seamless communication of alerts, live location tracking, and real-time audio recording. This eliminates the need for physical installations—simply distribute the panic buttons and follow our onboarding guide to connect each user to the safety network.

Proactive security measures

Location coordinate updates identify potential security gaps by highlighting areas with multiple alarm activations, fostering enhanced security awareness and enabling proactive risk mitigation measures.

Learn how Plegium can help you meet and exceed Alyssa's law requirements

What is Alyssa's Law, and why is it important for schools?

Alyssa's Law is named after Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the victims of the tragic Parkland school shooting in 2018. In response to this devastating event, Alyssa's parents advocated for legislation that would improve school safety measures. As a result, Alyssa's Law was introduced to require schools to install silent panic alarms, enabling faster response times during emergencies.

The implementation of Alyssa's Law in several states reflects a growing recognition of the need to enhance school safety and protect students and staff from potential threats.

What are the key requirements for schools to comply with Alyssa's Law?

To meet Alyssa's Law requirements, schools are mandated to install silent panic alarms, which promptly notify authorities during emergencies like active shooter incidents. These alarms must seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructure and undergo routine testing to ensure reliable operation.

Where is Alyssa's Law being implemented?

Alyssa’s Law has quickly gained traction around the country, with several states already passing legislation to implement its requirements.

Currently, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Texas, and Tennessee have enacted Alyssa’s Law. Additionally, numerous other states, including Nebraska, Arizona, Virginia, Oregon, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Oklahoma, are actively considering or have proposed legislation to adopt Alyssa’s Law. This widespread movement reflects a growing awareness of the importance of bolstering school safety and protecting students, staff, and visitors from potential threats.

What are the potential consequences for schools that fail to comply with Alyssa's Law?

Potential consequences for schools that fail to comply with Alyssa's Law may include legal penalties, loss of funding, or compromised student safety during emergencies.

How does our solution help schools meet the requirements of Alyssa's Law?

Our solution helps schools meet the requirements of Alyssa's Law by providing wireless panic alarms that seamlessly integrate with existing security systems. These alarms enable immediate notification of authorities during emergencies, ensuring swift response times and enhancing overall school safety.

How does our solution compare to other options available for Alyssa's Law compliance?

Our solution stands out from other options available for Alyssa's Law compliance due to its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and customizable capabilities.

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