Why can't I buy Plegium Pepper Spray online in New York? (and some other states)

While pepper spray is legal in all 50 states for self-defense purposes, some states have additional restrictions on buying pepper spray online. Fortunately all Plegium Pepper Sprays have the canister sizes and content amount that fits every state on that regards (slightly less than 1/2 oz, 13 ml) - but there's a few states that completely ban online ordering and shipping of pepper spray - those are: New York, Massachussets, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington D.C. In addition Wisconsin don't allow UV Dye in a pepper spray, which our feature-packed Smart Pepper Sprays contain as well.

Best cause of action if you're in one of those states is to make way to your local pharmacy or firearms dealer and ask if they carry Plegium products!
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