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Includes 1 month Plegium Premium subscription
Smart Emergency Button Wearable

  • The Plegium Smart Emergency Button Wearable is a superior, portable silent alarm button that sends free automatic GPS location texts and phone calls to your emergency contacts.
  • Easy to set up: simply download the free Plegium app, connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth and add your emergency contacts. Note that your selected contacts don’t have to do anything to be able to receive the alarm.
  • Always reliable with a 4 year battery life – no charging needed! The trigger buttons are placed on the side of the device and need to be held for 2 seconds, preventing the device from being activated by mistake.
  • The patented wearable technology by LumeoTech allows you to attach the device to any fabric of your choice. Firmly push the button against the fabric and twist the lever on the side to quickly attach or detach.
  • Plegium offers a range of high quality personal safety devices – carefully designed, tested and made in Sweden.
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Notifies your contacts with the following text message: “Help! It’s [your name]. I just activated my Plegium device. I’m here: [Google Maps link].”
Your contacts will be alerted with a phone call saying: “[Your name] is in danger and has activated their Plegium device. We have sent a text message to you, with a map showing where it happened.”
Free Location Text Messages and Phone Calls

In case you have to activate your emergency button, you most likely want to get help – fast. That’s why we decided to make our smart personal safety products ”connected”, and call for help remotely. 

When you activate your emergency button, your emergency contacts will receive a phone call and a text message with your GPS location so that they can call the police and come help you.

Your emergency button and your phone will pair automatically through Bluetooth via the Plegium app. The Plegium app is free and we bear the costs for all text messages and phone calls.


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