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Pepper Spray

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Pepper Spray.
Strobe LEDs.

All in one. First of its kind.


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The Plegium® Combo Pepper Spray is the world's first combined pepper spray,
siren and strobe LEDs.

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Pepper Spray

Pepper spray canister

Maximum Strength

Lab tested to maximum allowed 1.33% major capsaicinoids*.

3 Meter Range

Optimized Stream

Up to 10 shots.

Canister Content

13 ml (0.5 oz) - same as most popular standalone pepper sprays.

*Some countries don't allow sprays based on pepper. For these countries, the canisters in our products contain other potent eye irritating liquids (fully legal). Please see our FAQ for details on which type of liquid is inside our products sold in your country.


Siren detail

130 dB
Sound Pressure

Stronger than
most stand-alone
personal alarms.

Tuned for Maximum Penetration

The siren has been tuned to resonate at frequencies where the human ear is the most sensitive, to maximize discomfort and attention to the scene.

Strobe LEDs

Triple LEDs light up when you fire the Combo Pepper Spray, helping you aim in the dark.

Combo Pepper Spray strobe LEDs close-up image

The LEDs have a 19 Hz strobe effect (meaning they blink 19 times per second), which has a proven disorienting effect on the human brain.

4-Year Battery Life.

Full battery image

The Combo Pepper Spray has a 4-year, no-charging battery life.

The siren and the strobe LEDs are powered by separate battery packs, ensuring maximum sound pressure and luminosity.

Flip-Top Safety Lid

Combo Pepper Spray flip-top safety lid detail image

A spring-loaded safety lid prevents
accidental triggering and is far
faster and easier to fire than "twist-
top" pepper sprays.

Sensory Sight

Combo Pepper Spray sensory sight detail image

A ridge on top of the
trigger lets you feel the
direction of the spray
stream, helping you aim.

Optimized Grip

Combo Pepper Spray grip image

The grip has been
optimized for fast, correct
grip and preventing
index finger from
blocking the nozzle.


Patented seal image

The design of the
Combo Pepper Spray is
patented in the U.S.,
the E.U., and other

Tech Specs

11 cm
3 cm (average)
73 grams
4 years
and pink

One Button
Triggers All.


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Designed and
Made in Sweden.

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