About Us

We founded Plegium with a vision to globally eradicate assault.

Plegium means “pledge” in Latin.

The pepper spray was invented in the ’70s, and it is still the best non-lethal weapon against assault.

But there has been no significant innovation in the pepper spray industry since then. Well… Until now.

The Plegium® products combine the pepper spray with multiple other functions that significantly increase your chances of escaping an assault.

No other pepper spray comes close the Plegium products in terms of features, usability and build quality.

All of our products are designed by us at our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The products are manufactured in our own factory 80 km North of Stockholm. Each unit is fully tested.

We have worked extremely hard to fit all of this functionality into products small enough to bring every day.

Most of the components inside our products are custom designed by us - from the 4-year lifespan battery packs, to the flip-top safety lid mechanism and the 130 dB siren speaker.

Don’t put your life in the hands of a pepper spray designed half a century ago.

Get the new global standard -
from Plegium®.